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Our food bank is here to help. If you are in need of food and are a resident of South Kitsap or if you live within the area served by the South Kitsap School District, please call 360-876-4089 or visit us during our regular business hours of 12-5 Mondays through Fridays. If you live outside of the area, please call us and we can refer you to the closest food bank in your area. If you are unable to get here during our regular hours, please call and we can make other arrangements to help ensure you get the food you need.

Like to garden? If you grow your own fruits or vegetables, please consider planting an extra row and/or dedicating one of your fruit trees to donate to us on a regular basis. This helps our food bank provide healthy food to those who are hungry in our community. To arrange a drop off of your surplus fruits and vegetables, please call 360-876-4089.

The South Kitsap Helpline is a social service agency which began serving those in crisis in our community in 1980. In 2009, we were made aware that a landmark commercial nursery in our community was closing as the owners were retiring. At the time, we were desperately in need of a new property to house our food bank and small retail operation that helped to support it. We also hoped to find a place with a little land where we could have a garden to grow healthy produce for our food bank (which at the time, was very rarely donated). Through a lot of hard work, a little luck and some wonderful people who knew how to move mountains that believed in us, we were able to secure the necessary funds to purchase the property which provided our agency with our first real home after 30 years of renting. With this purchase made possible by the Birkenfeld Trust, we would also have a new way to raise funds for our agency.  Our small staff and team of volunteers soon went from running a thrift store to growing beautiful plants and flowers. Fortunately, we were even able to retain one of the talented growers who worked for the nursery for many years who is still growing for us and continues to oversee the high quality products we sell today. This purchase not only gave the South Kitsap Helpline a permanent home, but it helped to ensure that this family nursery which began in 1949 by Glen and Oleah Greseth would continue to be a part of South Kitsap. Their family wanted growing to continue on this land to honor the legacy of the Greseths and to enrich the lives of those in our community which it continues to do today.

The existing home on the property now houses our agency offices. The former storefront for the nursery provides a home for our food bank. We have plans in the coming years through a capital campaign to renovate the food bank building to better fit our needs and make it more energy-efficient. We will also eventually construct a classroom complete with a commercial kitchen so we can offer classes in nutrition, cooking, food growing and preservation and these will be open to our food bank clients and to the greater community as well.

As our nursery does not have the wide variety of retail products or trees and shrubs that they once carried and our agency office continues to receive a lot of inquiries about those daily, we made the decision to change the retail name of our operation in 2018 to better reflect our business as it is now. As a result, the Port Orchard Nursery recently became Oleah’s Plant & Produce Patch which we feel just better represents what we do and offer here. The land we are located on was originally named Oleah’s Blueberry Patch in the early days of the nursery. We felt Oleah’s Plant & Produce Patch was a more fitting name as well as a nice tribute to the former nursery owners.

Using the time and wonderful talents of our dedicated staff and volunteer team, local gardeners and horticultural experts, the South Kitsap Helpline and Oleah’s Plant & Produce Patch together:

~grow fresh and healthy produce on-site to provide to our food bank clients

~donate vegetable starts grown in our greenhouses to other local food banks and community garden projects that help to benefit those in need throughout Kitsap County

~donate vegetable starts to our food bank clients for their own gardens

~regularly support various other non-profit agencies and worthwhile causes through our plant and flower donations to their auctions and other fundraisers

~sell plants, flowers, herbs and produce grown on-site here year-round to the public to generate revenue to help fund our various programs working with those in crisis

Thank you for your interest in our agency. This is a community effort and we couldn’t do what we do without your support. If you would like to learn more about the South Kitsap Helpline or Oleah’s Plant & Produce Patch, please call 360-876-4089 or email info@skhelpline.org.